What is a good translation?

A good translation should read like an original text. Therefore, the translator has to (among others):

  • Accurately master the correct specialist terminology
  • Have a sound knowledge of the language’s specific nature
  • Deal with the language type of the text to be translated
  • Know who is the target group

Thanks to my comprehensive education, many years of experience and, last but not least, multiple resources my proficiencies comprise these and much more. Since 2001 I do translations in the special fields medical technology and law and acquired extensive knowledge that you will be able to benefit from.

I translate in the language pairs

English -> German
French -> German

Since I became a freelance translator in 2001, I specialise in medical technology and law. My areas of expertise also include general medicine and pharmaceutics. In addition, orthopaedics plays an increasing role and is part of my daily translation routine for almost 10 years.

This field covers medical devices like endoscopes, ultrasound equipment, x-ray devices, blood pressure manometers etc. as well as accessories like cannulas, stents, films etc. Also included are several medical procedures like computer tomography, mammography, electrocardiography, endoscopy, MRI, PET etc.

In the past 10 years, I was able to gather comprehensive skills in the translation of surgical techniques and instructions for use for orthopaedic medical devices like e. g. several human joint prostheses.

In addition, I translate documents concerning clinical studies. These include synopses, protocols, patient information leaflets, informed consent forms, contracts between study partners, patient reports and many more.

This mainly includes contracts of any kind. I translate e.g. clinical study agreements, economic agreements, sale agreements and similar texts, but also court papers and documents that do not require an attestation clause.

You benefit from my long-term experience and the fact that I was taught legal language and the technique of expertly translating it into German during my academic course of studies.

I am absolutely convinced that money symbolizes appreciation.
As a client, I always ask myself: “How much do I value the product, the service? And what am I willing to pay for good quality?”

Translations are single solutions being tailored to the client’s needs and should be calculated individually.
The following factors are to be taken into consideration:

  • Text amount (lines, pages, words)
  • Level of difficulty
  • Kind of text (manual, press release, contract, certificate etc.)
  • Layout
  • Individual wishes
  • Rush orders

For translations, I charge according to the amount of words in the source text.
For editing tasks, an hourly rate applies.
Within Germany, charges are plus VAT.

I’ll be happy to send you a binding quotation after receiving the text to be translated, including the delivery deadline as from the order placement – no unpleasant surprises upon delivery of the translation. Within Germany, I have to add the VAT of 19% to all my prices.

It goes without saying that your data will always be handled with the utmost confidentiality, even if you decide not to assign the translation task to me.

If you are interested in my translation services, kindly send an email to: translate@stefanie-piel.de

My other contact data and opening hours are given in the footer.